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Trenino Verde della Sardegna

Four hundred km of railway line, which can be crossed with the original steam locomotives and period carriages, diesel locomotives and railcars, all surrounded by an enchanting unspoiled nature. Special trains, vintage carriages, museums, nuraghi caves, limestone heels, granite mountains, pristine forests, wildlife, waterfalls, historic centers, food and wine, all with the help of highly qualified guides. Many proposals for all needs throughout the year, for groups or individuals, for young and old, sportsmen, for those who love pedaling, for photographers or film producers.


Mandas – Sorgono


Macomer- Bosa



13KM - 28KM - 37KM - 46KM

An extremely panoramic line that passes from the over 500 meters of the Campeda plateau (near Macomer) to the Bosa Marina station, at the mouth of the Temo. And the blue of the sea moves at every turn, now to the right then to the left, as the train proceeds in its slow descent almost to the shore, which the railway laps in the last stretch. In this wild and unspoiled coast, the griffon vulture, a majestic vulture almost extinct in the rest of Italy. The journey takes place along the Macomer-Bosa railway line, 46 km long, in the Tresnuraghes-Bosa Marina stretch and lasts 1h 50 '.

Mandas - Arbatax



19KM 35KM 54KM 58KM 72KM

It is the longest narrow gauge tourist line in Italy: 159 km between Mandas and Arbatax stations. From the sea to the mountains, it reaches 980 meters above sea level in the state forest of Montarbu. It crosses lakes, rivers, plateaus, between basalts and limestone, between bridges and tunnels, true industrial archeology, to get to the sea, in the Arbatax pier. The Mandas - Sadali - Seui journey takes place along the Mandas - Arbatax railway line, is a 59 km long route in Sadali and 72 km in Seui, its journey time is 3 h The stretch between Seui and Arbatax is currently closed for maintenance works that will allow travelers to also know the beauty of this route by 2021.

Mandas – Laconi


4 KM - 12 KM - 22KM - 37KM

The Mandas - Isili - Sorgono is a bold line that winds sinuously between the reliefs of the west side of the Gennargentu, overcoming them thanks to authentic works of art of railway engineering, such as numerous viaducts, almost all in curves and some with two orders of arches (Paralà, Sammuccu), and long galleries (S'Arcu 999 m).   The journey, completed in 1921 by the English writer David Herbert Lawrence and described in the book "Mare e Sardegna", started from Mandas and ended in Sorgono after slowly passing through the enchanting landscapes of the Sarcidano and Barbagia di Belvì. The Mandas - Laconi journey takes place along the Mandas -Sorgono railway line, is a 37 km long route and the total duration is 2h 45 '. Today the journey ends in Laconi because the stretch between this town and Sorgono is currently closed for maintenance work that will allow travelers to also know the beauty of this route by 2021.

Tempio - Palau


13km - 32km - 48KM - 59K

The Nulvi-Tempio-Palau is also called the "line of the two seas" because, beyond Sassari in a westerly direction, the railway continues to Alghero, joining the Riviera del Corallo to the Costa Smeralda and the sea in front of La Maddalena. In the middle, the hills and mountains of Limbara, crossed with agile viaducts and long tunnels, including the helical one of Bortigiadas, an authentic work of railway engineering art. It takes place along the Tempio - Palau railway line. The route is 59 km long and its duration is approximately 3h 30 '. Tempio is connected with the railway to Sassari but currently this section is closed for maintenance works that will allow travelers to also know the beauty of this route by 2021.

Arbatax – Gairo- Seui


5KM - 30KM - 34KM - 45KM - 49KM - 62KM

Completed in 1894, the Arbatax-Gairo railway line connects the interior mountain with the sea. The journey begins in the Arbatax station, among the fishermen's boats of the Cala dei Genovesi. Leaving Arbatax, the Green Train heads inland among ever thicker vegetation and, after the mountain villages of Elini and Lanusei, allows you to admire wide views over the entire coast. You then pass near the Alto del Flumendosa lake and arrive in Gairo Taquisara where you can live the unusual and fascinating experience of visiting the ghost villages of Osini Vecchio and Gairo Vecchio, abandoned for almost 70 years due to a terrible flood. The Arbatax-Gairo journey takes place along the Arbatax-Mandas railway line, it is a 62 km long route and the total duration is 3h 30 '.
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