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Associazione BAETORRA is a non-profit organization, aiming to comply, during its business operation, with all principles of internal democracy, electivity, transparency, free membership, as well as with the rules defined in its Statute, which acts as its integral part. The association aims to increase knowledge and promote the image of Sardinia, through the scheduling and preparation of cultural events designed to carry out combined initiatives.

It is therefore aimed at safeguarding the territory and its resources, with a view to sustainability, as well as protecting rights to the well-being and health of citizens, committing itself to a wider and more qualified collective access to mobility, information, to the artistic dimension, to socio-economic inclusion. It stands as a meeting point and link between individuals, collaborations and partnerships, public institutions and private companies.

What we offer

Hence, the "Associazione" will arrange specific initiatives, such as cultural events and interest workshops, internships, exhibitions, courses, seminars and events of all kinds with associative, recreational and cultural purpose, specifically booking experiential activities allowing for direct contact with the environment and local culture, and facilitating the inclusion of users without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinions, social and personal conditions.

To achieve its goals, the Association may join confederations, institutions, and other associations and legal bodies. The Association will be able to participate in sector-specific events, and will be able to carry out recreational-tourist, cultural and artistic initiatives related to its social purpose.

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